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Tissue paper is a lightweight sheet of crepe paper. It can be made from various materials like recycled paper pulp, corn starch, or bamboo pulp or virgin cellulose fiber. The word tissue is derived from French word tissue that means cloth. No doubt tissue paper is widely used in our daily routines.

We need tissue paper in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, room, dining room, office, and car and of course while traveling we prefer to have a handy pack of tissue paper with us.

It is available in different sizes with scent or no scent, embossed or simple, and colored or white so you can choose according to your preference. Without tissue paper our lives can be messy.  Tissue paper consumption is increasing day by day; we can’t deny the fact that tissue paper is becoming our necessity.

Uses of Tissue Paper:

Tissue paper comes in various styles of boxes, napkin style, or tissue rolls. Because of increasing tissue paper demand, many brands are launching their tissue paper for multipurpose usage.

Tissue paper is not just sanitary but its absorbent, soft, torn free, and recyclable that’s why we prefer to use tissue paper instead of handkerchief or piece of cloth.

We use tissue paper in the cold season in flu for runny nose. Handkerchief or piece of cloth can irritate or rash our skin but high-quality tissue is ultimate for our skin. It provides great coverage.

We use tissue paper, paper towel, paper napkins in a kitchen or dining room, and paper towel is also used to soak oil, water, or other spills in the kitchen or any other area.

You can use a paper towel for cleaning of kitchen items. Toilet paper is also used widely for cleaning. Tissue paper for cars is also a necessity to avoid spills or dirt in cars.

The office is incomplete without having tissue paper. In public spots we use tissue paper for cleaning hands and face. Tissue paper is used in our daily lives for cleaning messy fingers, wiping sweat from face, wiping happy tears, or cleaning the baby’s messy face.

So putting the nut in a shell we can say tissue paper used in every field of daily routine.

Tips to choose a Best Tissue Paper:

Worldwide demand for tissue paper is increasing day by day because of improving standards of livings and people are now more careful towards hygiene. Tissue paper is using in almost every activity of daily life related to cleaning or hygiene.

It is made from different material. The main source of tissue paper is cellulose fiber. If the tissue paper is made from 100% pure virgin wood pulp then the tissue is washable and lasts longer.

For choosing the best tissue paper first of all you must have the necessary information about the material of tissue paper so you can choose hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and safe for skin tissue paper. Other factors are secondary like fragrant tissue paper, design, color, number of plies, durable, size of sheet, chemical-free, and cost.

1- Material:

Tissue paper is made from generally three main raw material or pulp; wood-free or chemical pulp, wood containing or mechanical pulp, and recovered papers. Wood-free or chemical pulp is virgin fiber. The tissue paper made from this is a smooth and gentle feel.

Wood containing pulp is mostly bamboo pulp and recovered papers are recycled material made tissue paper.

Now take a glance at these different raw materials used for making tissue papers:

a- Virgin Fiber or Virgin Paper:

Virgin fiber or paper is that material which is not used before to make pulp or paper. The virgin material is first chipped, pulped, and then turned in to tissue roll. Virgin tissue papers are soft, cost-effective, and easily available. Mostly toilet paper rolls are made from virgin pulp because softness is the main factor in toilet paper.

b- Recycled Material:

Recycled tissue paper is made from recycled material like newspaper. Then pour into water to make pulp and then processing is done to remove ink. Then the pulp will be processed to bleach the paper and after this the dry the pulp and make tissue rolls from that.

All high quality and high-performance tissue papers are made from 100% recycled material. Recycled tissue paper is premium and high-grade tissue papers. Recycled pulp for tissue paper is cheaper than virgin fiber. Recycled tissue paper is widely available for cleaning and catering services.

c- Bamboo Pulp:

The tissue paper made from bamboo pulp will be plastic or chemical-free. Mostly toilet paper and facial tissue papers are made from bamboo pulp because it doesn’t have any chemicals or dyes that can irritate or rash the skin. Bamboo pulp is a more appropriate option than virgin pulp because bamboo tree re-grows quickly after it is cut down.

After considering the material now you’ve to consider some other important factors for selecting the ultimate tissue paper for any use.

2- Number of Ply:

 Tissue paper ranges from one ply to four-ply. As the number of ply increases the strength and durability of tissue paper also increases but one single-ply should also be a thick to make a thicker sheet of tissue paper.

1 ply means there is one layer of tissue paper, 2 ply will have 2 layers, 3 ply will have 3 layers and like this 4 ply will have 4 layers of tissue papers. Every layer gives extra strength and thickness to tissue paper and enhances softness and ultra absorption quality. Try to choose tissue paper with maximum layers to ensure its durability and ultra thickness.

3- OBA and ECF free Tissue Paper:

Optical brightening agent or element chlorine is not good for health, skin, and environment. The tissues which have irritating fragrances, dyes, optical brightening agent, elemental chlorine or other harmful chemical are not good to be used.

They can irritate the skin in many ways and can be harmful to your health and environment. These bleaching agents are very dangerous for skin. Chlorine can pollute air and water. So always try to find ECF and OBA-free tissue paper that are safe to use.

4- Hypoallergenic Tissue Paper:

Hypoallergenic tissue paper is ideal for people that are sensitive or allergic to dyes, pungent fragrances, or perfumes. Hypoallergenic tissue papers are cl3maided to be best suited for sensitive people that can’t help fragranced products.

5- Biodegradable Tissue Paper:

Biodegradable tissue paper is eco friendly and also safe for health and skin. You can easily discard the tissue paper that is biodegradable because it doesn’t harm the environment after discarding it.

So being a civilized and responsible citizen keeping your environment neat and clean is important for you as you keep your health and skin safe. For this purpose you can choose biodegradable tissue paper that is safe for health and the environment as well.

6- Softness:

Softness is indeed a main factor while choosing a tissue paper for face or toilet. Choose the tissue paper which has maximum ply but it’s ultra-soft and absorbent. Soft tissue papers feel gentle and supple to touch and provide great coverage. You can choose any notable brand that claims to provide ultra-soft tissue paper with extra absorbency.

 7- Strength of Tissue Paper:

The strength of tissue paper is a vital factor that can’t be ignored. Durable, thick, and strong tissue paper lasts longer and facilitates great cleaning. Best strengthen and durables tissue paper is paper wipes that are washable and reusable.

There’s a large variety of wet wipes are available in a market that is durable, washable, reusable and cost-effective. You can use these wiped for any purpose.

8- Design of Tissue Paper:

Now a day, a large variety of tissue paper is available in the market. Many tissue rolls, tissue boxes, paper towels, face wipes, toilet rolls, and napkins are available.

They have different designs, colors, and prints. Some tissue papers are printed and some are embossed, some are scented and some are quilted. You can make choices according to your preference and need. It’s all up to you but some above all factors in mind and then choose the tissue paper for any purpose.

9- Cost:

cost is not a big matter while choosing the best tissue paper because keep in mind that you get what you pay for. In the market, there’s a large variety of tissue paper is available from lowest price to highest price. You shouldn’t compromise on quality for saving cost. But many brands make soft, durable, and ultra-absorbent tissue papers within budget. You can buy that tissue paper in bulk form that makes it economical.

10- Additional Factors:

Some additional factors to consider are the size of the sheet, tissue sheet per roll, and easy tearing of tissue are included. You can consider these factors with other factors which are material, number of plies, hypoallergenic, chemical-free, biodegradable, softness, design, strength, and cost.

Types of Tissue Paper:

Tissue paper is a lightweight sheet of paper that is soft and absorbent. It provides the comfort of easy cleaning within budget. Tissue paper is used everywhere, from home to office to public spots to travel. It can also be used in many DIY projects.

Tissue paper has different types; facial tissues, toilet tissue papers, kitchen paper towels, paper wipes, napkins, and serviettes. Each tissue paper has its advantages and quality requirement according to usage.

1- Facial Tissue Paper:

Facial tissue paper is used to clean the face. It is light embossed tissue paper and it has mostly 2 to 3 ply. Facial tissue papers are typically made from virgin material to ensure ultra-softness that can give a gentle feel.

It is available in a handy pack, or tissue boxes. Tissue paper for face must be soft and absorbent so you can use it easily in the cold season for runny nose. It won’t rash your skin and facilitates by great cleaning. Facial tissue is also known as hygiene tissue paper. You can use it in any way to clean or wipe the face, hands, or body. Makeup cleaning or correcting makeup smudges is easy by facial tissue paper

If you’re looking for the best facial tissue paper keep in mind that facial tissue paper must have an important attribute of softness and it must be in a bright color. It must be made from virgin material that ensures its softness and good absorbency.

For longer use you can choose wet wipes for face because they are reused able and helps in cleaning makeup or smudges well. Facial tissue paper must be free from any chemical, dyes or agents that can harm or irritate the skin in any way.

Facial tissue papers are used to avoid germs, removing markup, cleaning purpose for you or even you can clean baby. Facial tissue paper must be purchased with a keen observation of important aspects.

2- Kitchen Paper Towel:

The kitchen paper roll should be of great quality. It is better to choose a washable and reusable kitchen towel for longer use. Kitchen paper towel should have strength to soak oil, water or other spills.

You can clean kitchen slabs and other accessories of the kitchen with kitchen paper roll. Tearing must be easy for immediate use. The kitchen towel should have an important attribute of strength, wet strength and obviously it should be ultra-absorbent.

It is used to soak excessive oil from food or you can use it for other purposes as well. One interesting fact about the kitchen paper towel is that it ranks second in the tissue paper consumption list. It must be chosen carefully by keeping the strength and absorption factors in mind.

3- Toilet Paper Roll:

Toilet paper roll is a widely used tissue paper. It is available in different colors and sizes with different properties of softness and absorbency. Toilet paper is mostly made from recycled material. It is used for cleaning and wiping and acts and acts as protection for hands.

Toilet paper roll comes in from one ply to 6 ply. You can choose maximum ply toilet roll for ultra absorbency and good cleaning. The key attribute to keep in mind for toilet paper roll is that is must be super soft and bright in color. Super soft toilet paper roll is easy to sue and it won’t harm the skin.

While buying toilet paper roll keep in mind to consider the number of sheets per roll, number of plies, and check its additives that whether it has an agent or chemical that can harm your skin. For sensitive skin avoid buying paper with fragrance or dyes.

One more thing to consider for toilet paper roll is that is must be disposed of easily otherwise it can clog the drain and that could be more awful. Strong and soft toilet paper roll must be your preference.

4- Paper Napkins or Serviettes:

Paper napkins are used in the dining table, party, restaurants, or any other event on the meal table. It is used for the protection of clothes from meal spills o you can clean your hands and mouth after eating. Paper napkin must be absorbent.

You can have a variety of paper napkins available in different styles, shapes, colors, or sizes. Paper napkins can be washable and reusable and some are just used for one time. Paper napkins enhance the look of your table. They are mostly made from recycled or bamboo pulp and ensures improved strength with high absorbency.

If you have to buy kitchen napkins for home then go for washable and reusable paper napkins because it’s economical. It should have maximum layers for good absorbency. Napkin or serviette must be soft, gentle, and light in color.

Tissue Paper for DIY projects:

Besides using tissue paper for face, kitchen, or toilet you can even use it for DIY projects. Tissue paper is available in different patterns, colors, and sizes. You can design beautiful decorating flowers for your home or kitchen. It will definitely enhance the look of your place. Its an economical and useful DIY product.

Tissue Paper and Environment:

Tissue paper does cause an impact on the environment whether its facial tissue, paper napkins, kitchen paper roll, or toilet roll. The chemical used in tissue paper can be harmful for the environment so if you want to keep your environment healthy and clean try to buy biodegradable tissue paper.

Biodegradable tissue papers doesn’t harm the environment after discarding. Bamboo made tissue papers are best to use, they are comfortable and strong. Bamboo plant has a good impact on the environment. It reduces erosion, positively impact on oxygen emission, and degrades land but bamboo made tissue papers are a bit expensive than recycled ones.


Tissue paper is a lightweight paper that is used in every cleaning activity. It has many types, styles, shapes, colors, and brands. All the necessary information is written above. The above-written information is quite helpful for buying tissue paper for any purpose.

The key aspects to consider need to be considered before buying the best tissue paper. it doesn’t matter that are you buying tissue paper for face, for the toilet, for kitchen or dining table, you have to be careful about making a great purchase that keeps you safe, healthy, and good for the budget.

Always by high-quality tissue paper that is soft, smooth, gentle, and durable. I hope all this information is enough for buying tissue paper and you may get benefit from it.

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