paper towel dispenser buying guide

Paper Towel Dispenser Buying Guide –

Here are 5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Paper Towel Dispenser:

Paper towel dispensers are what their name signifies – something that holds and dispenses rolls of paper. They are typically utilized in elite bathrooms to form them more user-friendly. Setting up paper towel dispensers is not a difficult job but one must keep a few things in mind.

1. Decide On The Basic Features

Out of the various kind of paper towel dispensers available, you need to select one according to your needs – automatic one or the manual one. Once you know what basic features you are looking for, you can move on to the physical aspects and decide what looks good in your bathroom.

Find out a place where you can mount your newly acquired paper towel dispenser. Remember they need to be easily accessible when they are needed, so depending on the layout of your bathroom, you may want to mount it near the basin or the sink.

2. Finalize The Shape And The Size

Well now that you have a fair idea of the space that you can sacrifice for this new addition, you need to decide on what shape and size should it be. I am sure you would not want it to look out of place in your well-planned bathroom. There are various shapes and sizes that are made available to you in different mounting options.

Some widely available paper towel dispensers are, ones for the tri-fold paper towels, ones that are for big institutional rolls, for napkins or for the paper towels that you often find in those coveted bathrooms. You may as well want to browse through the different categories of towel dispensers to get a fair idea.

3. Check To See If The Paper Towel Dispenser that You Are Going To Buy Fits Your Need.

Once you know the looks of the dispenser you want to buy check further – don’t just buy right now. Find out if the paper towel dispenser that you will be buying will actually fit your needs or not. Look to see if the paper towels are fed into the dispenser through a roll that keeps on growing smaller with usage or are they placed centrally and you need to pull them straight down. This also has a bearing on the amount of paper towels that are consumed. If you are an organization then go for the ones that have larger roll space.

4. The Economy Check

Talking more about your usage paper towel Dispenser can be tweaked to hold one large roll or two large institutional rolls or some other configuration as well. An important trick here is to realize that the amount of paper towel that it dispenses should neither be too less nor too more. It needs to dispense a fair amount so that even when it is enough, it does not become excess.

Paper towel dispensers are available in various eye-catching designs and shapes. Furthermore, they make your bathroom look attractive and tidy. Remember the shape and size that you had decided on earlier and go get one for yourself. But remember to do a little research because I have seen a huge difference between different companies offering them. Get the best deal at a good price and a good fit to your bathroom.

5. Here Are The Steps That We Just Discussed A While Back.

Find out what kind of paper towel dispenser will suit your need – Automatic or Manual

  1. Look for an easily accessible place to place to mount your paper towel dispenser.
  2. Find out how much space do you have and depending on that look for different mounting options available to you – Behind Mirror Dispenser, Surface Mounted, Couch Roll Dispenser, Free Standing ones, Recessed, Under Counter or Wet Wipe Dispenser.
  3. Plan your usage and check whether your dispenser can accommodate your requirements with minimal wastage.
  4. Browse through the huge shapes, designs and types of paper towel Dispenser. Commonplace for people is Amazon.

Just an addition, for big bathrooms where space is not a concern, get a dual paper towel dispenser. Also do keep on mind that paper towel Dispenser does make your bathroom look tidy and trendy.