The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

The Best Massage Chairs in India- Full Guide

Surely you want to know all about the best massage chairs in India and we’re glad that you’re on the right page. We’ve prepared a list of the best massage chairs in India and the entire article has complete information regarding the best massage chairs, pros and cons, and other necessary details. Just to add more spices to this smilingly boring topic, I will inform you that what you need to know before you make a choice for any massage chair.

There are very few things that are better than having a full body massage all in the comfort of your home. People all over the world, regardless of race and religion enjoy a frequent visit to the spa, just for the sake of refreshment and tranquility that is associated with a proper and full body massage.

However, it is quite expensive, and sometimes time-consuming to visit the spa especially on a regular basis. And for this crystal clear reason, many people are opting to buy massage chairs for their homes. After a long and hectic day of work, trust me you need a massage every day once in a while.

People enjoy relaxation and mind refreshments things and massage is on top of the list. A massage chair even has to meet various standards with the best features. It must be unique and elegant that it apart from any normal and perhaps boring massage chair.

Most of the massage chairs in India have similar outlining features. There are different types of massage and one of them is shiatsu massage, which is very appropriate when dealing with pain and relieving stress and anxiety. Most of the massage chairs in the list are appropriate and offer full body massage from head to toe.

For the best massage chairs, there’s no limitation and customers can get customized best massage chairs according to budget and choice. Money shouldn’t be a matter for you because the expensive and customized massage chair will give you a massage at home and you don’t need to visit the spa anymore.

Important Considerations:

Do must consider some essential elements before buying the best massage chair like the price but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Most massage chairs are expensive because of their luxurious commodities and goods of ostentation.

Keep your budget between 1 lakh INR-1.8 lakh INR Just for the sake of comparison in the wide Indian market. The second important that also be considered for a massage chair is a space. It is crucial to keep the empty space in kind where you’re planning to set the massage chair.

If you have plenty of space then you can go for a grand massage chair otherwise for congested place buy a compact massage chair. Mostly massage chars are bulky and occupy much space so must keep this important aspect in mind.


Like everything massage also varies in types like shiatsu, kneading knocking, tapping and rolling, etc. before you buy a massage chair evaluate your personal massage needs and then make a decision wisely that can fulfill your need.

Every massage has its own benefits. The most type of massage shiatsu massage provides relief on fingers, thumb, and palm. It applies pressure on various parts of the body and provides a calm and relaxing feel. Shiatsu is pretty helpful for muscle relaxation and pain retrieval.

Types of Massages:

Here are some of the common massage types offered by the various best massage chairs in India.

1. Tapping:

This massage style is very common as many people seek it. Under the style, the muscles are persuaded, into relaxing and relieving pain. This massage style requires some professional help. Here, the rollers will move to and from the back, creating a relaxing wave around your back.

You can also inflect and deflect the airbags, to obtain effective results. This massage type has a lot of health benefits, including enhancing blood circulation, tissue relaxation, and elasticity as well as marinating normal temperature within tissue cells.

2. Kneading:

These techniques involve applying pressure slowly in a circular motion on body parts. By doing this, soft tissues are rubbed against each other, and against the bones creating an impact that travels deep into the tissues.

Airbags are inflated and deflated slowly, to mimic the impact that would have been provided by the human hand. This massage style increases flexibility in the muscles, tightening them while at the same time, relieving off the pain.

3. Shiatsu:

This massage style focuses on the specific areas of pain, especially on the back. The massage chairs use airbags and rollers to focus the massage therapy on a specific area that has a problem. As the massage progresses, more pressure is applied depending on the experience of the user.

With this type of massage, you will be relieved from pain, any form of street, and tension within the muscles. Traditional shiatsu massage is well known across India, as it is responsible for restoring energy flow.

Which areas of the body need a massage?

Massage is not just a relaxation process. Some medical conditions require advance massage; in a process called massage therapy.

Massage therapy offers massage to specific areas that need more attention and if you have an underlining medical condition, then you need to consider a massage chair that covers all your medical needs.

Advantages of using Massage Chair:

Are you bored of bondages of stress and immense pain? In case your answer is affirmative, then a massage chair is your taste. The premiums that people used to pay for massage therapy is now easy by just accumulating the money and buying a massage chair.

The majority has been trapped in the track and gaining fitness and good health only requires a single step of buying your massage chair. The most asked question maybe is the massage chair cheap? This is not a question anymore, but feedback.

The main reason why I support this chair is that it makes your body cope up with the changes that occur as one grows older; it could be fatigue, stress, and physiological complications.

Due to the uncountable benefits, the responsible companies have been able to capture the attention of the international markets. I believe one massage chair can be used by the whole family members to save the cost. The following are the convincing advantages of owning a massage chair.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:

The white-collar employees seem not to engage in the active jobs that enable body fitness, and they are, therefore, advised to find a zero gravity massage chair that they can use at the workplace or after work to maintain the body active and awake.

  1. Protects from Injuries:

The bone and muscle pains are a global problem, and research proves that this only happens to those who do not engage in exercise. The muscle cramps caused by fatigue and maybe unusual expansion and contraction of the muscles is one of the most severe pains which one can undergo.

  1. Posture Improvement:

Individuals working on desks or the wooden chairs have high risks of developing the lousy posture, which may later result in spinal, back, and vertebral pains.

This may be preceded by neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower backaches and these complexions may fold up into a major problem. The massage chairs are made in such a way that the position can be switched, and its spongy nature also curbs the problem of back and spinal ache.

  1. Improvement in Food Digestion:

The great process of digestion in every living organism still revolves around the relaxation and expansion of the cardiac muscles, which are made active through the exercise.

The vital process called peristalsis engages the muscles actively as it involves food movement through the alimentary canal as a result of the expansion and contraction of the cardiac muscles.

Through massage, one can stimulate the parasympathetic systems, which boosts the functions of the organs; this makes the absorption of the food nutrients much more comfortable.

  1. Flexibility:

I have heard many people talking about flexibility, and the understanding of the term is not correct. Body flexibility refers to the ability of the body muscles and some additional active organs to undergo an activity without straining.

Massage chairs give the body muscles a chance to adapt fully to the usual activities, and this is what causes flexibility.  A flexible body has a guarantee of proper blood flow, proper digestion, and of course, proper muscle functioning.

  1. Strengthening the Immune System:

The strength of the immune system begins when the heart, liver, lungs, and blood flow is proper. The massage chair therapy stimulates the immune system by ensuring that the heart pumps blood effectively, and the blood flow is at an excellent speed to combat germs and toxins. Those with weak immune systems should make an effort to do much of this massage.

  1. Attentiveness:

When we consider listening and understanding, then the first aspect to consider is the body posture. The upright position is the best for a learner as if boosts the focus and attention. The posture affects the breathing system; therefore, this is necessary to put into considerations. The massage chair can be adjusted to any posture you want.

  1. Stress Relief:

In case one feels stressed, take some time, and enjoy swinging on your massage chair, this will enable you to have clear memory and re-energize you. The relaxation of mind is the best way of dealing with stress. The massage chair rehabilitates to make the body stressed free.

Finally, the wisest way to live longer is to give your physiological health a priority. Owning the massage chair at your home or your workplace is the most excellent investment that solves your health issues. Getting a massage is the best way of starting your day and as well as ending your day. With all the above proves, I believe owning a massage chair is overweighs owning none.

Please Read:

Before stepping into a description of the best massage chairs in India, it is recommended to read the full article because it comprises important information that will be utterly helpful for you to choose the best massage chair among other massage chairs available in the market. Also, you’ll get some knowledge about human anatomy and its link with a massage.

I’m sure you won’t regret it after giving this article a bit of your precious time. You’ll get to know the information about massage and massage chairs which you haven’t read anywhere.

Now you may go ahead!

The following are the Best Massage Chairs in India:

Future full-body 3D luxury zero gravity massage chair:

Best Massage Chairs in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • This is a Zero-gravity seating position chair with 22 airbags, manufactured by future massager.
  • In recent times, the future massager has come up with the luxury model Infinity which is aimed to provide comfort and full-body massage to its users.
  • The machine was first made available to the public on 11 February 2020 and its origin is in China.
  • The luxury massage chair can carry out 5 massage styles which include: deep tissue, full rolling, tapping, kneading, and lifestyle massage. The chair is designed using the zero-gravity seating position which enables it to uniformly dispense a person’s body weight and also relieve you of anxiety, stress, and tension.
  • The massage chair comes with Human Smart Massage Technology which provides precise acupressure that enables the machine to align the spine efficiently, improve blood circulation, and relieve the body stress.
  • This brand uses artificial intelligence which is capable of manually or automatically selecting the appropriate massage choices.
  • The user is also able to select a massage style from the pre-installed ones, which include: Scholar Relax – This style generally focuses on the whole body from the head to the feet. It relieves the body muscles of stress and re-energizes the user.
  • Scholar Energize – This style raises alertness hence enabling the user to concentrate more on work or studying.
  • Hot stone treatment – This style provides the user with warm acupressure to relieve them of body aches and muscle rigidness.
  • Air-spa-air- this style involves the compression of the airbags with warm shiatsu massages treatment.
  • Future massage junior Roboking plus Full Body Massage Chair varies from the other massage chairs because it takes care of the body needs and also contains various programs for different users such as people with active lifestyles, lifestyle essentials, and daily needs which ensure that the user is generally healthy and comfortable.
  • It also has the ability to download and install new programs.
  • The massage chair aligns itself with your shoulders and it has collapsible legs which enable the user to alter it to their liking.
  • This massage chair looks modern and classy. It is available in brown color.


  • It utilizes Human smart technology to provide quality massage. (3D massage).
  • It has adjustable legs to provide comfort. (Biomechanics and ergonomics technology).
  • It has various pre-installed programs including physical stretch suitable for different users.
  • Zero gravity seating position.
  • It has different programs to deal with various body parts.
  • The user has the ability to download and install new programs.


  • The initial cost of acquiring the chair is very high.
  • It has no warranty.

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Osim uRegal full Body Massage Chair :

Best Massage Chair

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • The effort of Osim International, a company in China, is finally recognized worldwide through their fantastic latest product, the zero gravity massage chair.
  • Over a long period, Osim international has been one of the top brands when it comes to the concerns of health and medical devices, making it a producer of one of the best massage chairs in India.
  • This trusted company offers its high-quality products to the clients at a relatively lower price, which is affordable.
  • The prices are genuine, and every buyer is given an assurance of the after-sale services, which include: transportation, installation, warranty services, return- replacement, online support if necessary and free training.
  • The Osim international, which is rapidly thriving, comply with all safety and production regulations.
  • The whole body massage gives an upper hand to the user to engage in exercise and allow contraction and relaxation of the muscles regularly.
  • The chair has manual modes that target specific parts of the body like the arms, legs, and the vertebra; column.
  • This also has proved too helpful in efficient blood circulation.
  • In case you need your health and medical complexions to be solved within a short period, then the zero gravity massage chair is just for you.
  • It enhances fitness by making you be in a state weightlessness, which is achieved by creating space.
  • The chair is fitted with a total of eighteen airbags, which helps in creating space to enhance weightlessness.
  • This mechanism is where the name of zero gravity is derived.
  • The air pressure massage for shoulder, arms, hips, feet, and calf mechanism makes the chair popular.
  • This is enhanced due to the presence of the four rollers on the back and nodal acupressure.
  • The chair has three zero gravitational angles, which elevate the legs to enhance gas release from the head to the toes.
  • The long track on the back of the chair and hips rollers has made everything awesome.
  • It has a 3D body scanning that estimates the length of the spine to enable the user to estimate the adjustment of the back to ensure proper back massage.
  • Finally, this is one of the companies specialized in the development, production, and design of high-quality health and medical devices.
  • The assurance of the change is there in case one makes a step to get the zero gravitation massage chair.


  • Good for both home and office needs.
  • The chair can also be used as a bed for recreational activities, and this enhances the relaxation of the mind.
  • The 3D back provides proper full body massage. it enhances fitness and normal muscles functioning.
  • The swinging of the postures allows attentiveness while watching a movie or reading a novel.
  • The back can be adjusted as per the user’s height, this allows for the proper spinal and vertebral massage.


  • Requires frequent repairs.
  • The initial price is relatively high, and this is disadvantageous to the individuals who are running short of money.
  • The springs responsible for adjustment weakens after some time, therefore, may need replacement.


The initial cost of obtaining this electric chair is high but it comes with artificial intelligence, which enables it to provide quality services to the user similar to the ones provided by professional massagers. The model also has good programs that are suitable for different users. It can be used in different places including the workplace, home, or even at the massage parlor.

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best full body massage chair in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • An amazing massage chair from JSB creations. This chair can be used either at the office or at home.
  • You will get the spa-like experience and relaxation every time you use it.
  • It’s a zero-gravity recliner that tends to relieve pain in muscles.
  • The chair comprises cushioned rollers at the back.
  • There is an adjusting button for anyone who’d like to treat muscle aches.
  • This includes the shoulders and height. Short heighted people were highly considered when this chair was being made.
  • The automatic adjuster allows gentle pressing of calves, hips, feet, shoulders to relieve any pain in muscles.
  • Besides, the chair contains body scanning rays that customize the spine and improve the relaxation experience during the massage.
  • The chair can adjust based on the width of the shoulder. This is feature exists in several other massage chairs yet JSB presents its chair in a more superior way. You’ll notice all existing brunches in this chair.
  • The chair is embedded with 3D technology. It scans proper blood circulation in the body.
  • This technology also uses its zero gravity massage skills to target specific aches i.e. in the back and massages that area.
  • Once you purchase this massage chair, it will be delivered to your doorstep. It has a 1-year warranty.
  • The healthcare professionals at JSB are also willing to assist when using this chair anytime.


  • It has an expert level that stretches and relieves early morning tensions.
  • Contains foot rollers; heats the lumbar regions and lower back.
  • The chair has specific target pain areas in the body which it massages.
  • The airbags help in massaging calves and feet and has the ability to adjust at the shoulders.
  • This massage chair has the longest roller that covers from the neck to the hips.

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best zero gravity massage chair india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • The sparkling zero gravity, the luxurious massage chair, is now available in the international markets at a lower price.
  • The ARG AROGYA is the newest model of the massage chair that has left a smile on the face of the users.
  • The quality is imaginable, still from your favorite brands, and your health as a customer is a concern.
  • This new model of the massage chair is fitted with a heat-generating source that helps in the massage process.
  • The cushioning showcases the higher level of skills among the manufacturers; this enhances the comfort of the user, which as well takes care of the complication of back pains.
  • This 3D massage chair offers professional body parts massage or the whole-body massage as per the preference of the user. The 3D technique is developed from the multidimensional aspect that allows for a proper massage.
  • The design helps in relieving the pain and loosens the stiffness of the body muscles, especially the scrapping therapy, stretch back muscles, strengthening of bones, and reduce fatigue. The chair is programmed to carry out an automatic twenty-minute massage. This automated massage is advisable to be directed to the most fatigued parts of the body.
  • The brand takes good care of your health by enhancing proper blood circulation.
  • The unique improvement in this chair is on its heating technique. The chair has a zero space, which is curved like a rail zero gravity carbon fiber far.
  • The area is fitted with an infrared heating mechanism that carries out the mechanical body massage, especially in the hand and arm region.
  • The whole chair has an active Bluetooth scanner that enhances the connectivity of the music system; this allows the relaxation of the mind during the massage.
  • The numerous airbags in the shoulder region of the chair enhance the proper massage of the back, wrist, arm, and shoulder; the airbags carry out massage by enhancing smooth soothing of the fatigued part.
  • It is high time for you to ease up the massage on the back and waist, acquire active ligaments on the lumbar and thoracic body regions.
  • Loosen the stiff body muscles just by finding a proper massage chair that will ensure all this for your better health. This chair enhances the smooth neck massage under some little pressure to provide complete comfort on the neck and along the spine.
  • Finally, owning a massage chair may not be enough, but the quality services offered by the chair is also a key factor. The frequency by which the individual visits the massage room is vital.
  • Usually, it should be twice in a day, in the morning and the evening, but when the fatigue is in excess, the frequency can be increased.


  • The infrared heating effect provides a smooth soothing of the fatigued body parts.
  • The programmed system offers automated massage; this saves time compared to physical massage therapy.
  • The music system allows more relaxation to the body during the massage.


  • The initial and maintenance price of the ARG Arogya 3D massage chair is high. This limits the potential users who cannot afford the price.
  • The small size of the seat limits bulky individuals.

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Boyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair :

best zero gravity massage chair in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • This electric chair is quite affordable and has specifications which are mostly found in the expensive machines.
  • The Boyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair has four wheels which can move upward and downwards. It also has silent massage hands.
  • This massage chair was specifically designed to provide several massage therapies such as kneading, flapping, shiatsu, knocking, and kneading with flapping.
  • The electric chair is made up of 4 airbags found on the shoulders, 2 side airbags on the hip region, 2 on the limbs which work together with heat therapy and vibrations to provide a wonderful massage experience.
  • It also has in-built limb rollers, similar to those found in the high-end models, to relieve the user’s pain and muscle stiffness in-conjunction with the heating therapy.
  • The Boyfriend massage chair has automatic body scan technology that identifies the location of the user’s shoulder and places the rollers according to one’s pressure points.
  • The machine comes with various massage styles including the Zero Gravity Position which provides a relieving sensation to the body and also improves blood circulation.
  • The user can change the programs on the machine to satisfy his/her desires.
  • The upper body massage allows the user to set the rollers in three locations, namely, fixed, partial, and overall massage.
  • The user is allowed to select the different intensity levels of the rollers. Shiatsu, knocking, and flapping have 5 intensity level settings.
  • The user can alter the distance between two kneading balls to achieve the desired massage.
  • The chair also comes with Bluetooth speakers which enable the user to listen to music as they relax on the electric chair.
  • It is also possible to connect the speakers with a smartphone. And last but not the least, the chair has a one-year warranty.


  • The machine is cheaper as compared to the other massage chairs.
  • It has heat therapy which provides comfort to the back, limbs, and hips.
  • It has a zero-gravity seating position.
  • It provides hand massage using airbags.
  • It has a one-year warranty.


  • It is very bulky.
  • The overall appearance of the chair is not so eye-catchy.


This machine is ideal for anybody who is looking for a cheaper massage chair. It has very good properties and programs almost similar to the ones found in the high-end machines. The appearance may not be so much appealing but it is worth buying.

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Robotouch Relaxo Pro massage chair :

best massage chair brand online in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • According to India, the robotouchrelaxo pro chair ranks among the top massage chairs ever seen.
  • For evident reasons, this prestigious chair is highly recommended.
  • It is quite effective with quality standards and very affordable.
  • It has a very fancy finishing of red and black stripes. Its outstanding outlook makes it easy to match to your furniture items.
  • The design is eloquent enough to grab one’s attention. Besides, it has a foot massage that easily folds.
  • This chair will save space in your living room or office.
  • That’s not all about this wonderful massage chair; it also offers full-body stress and despondency relief in the body.
  • This treatment can brighten your day and make you more productive towards your work.
  • It not only offers a fordable hand massage but every inch in your body experience this relaxation.
  • It is an automatic 4 wheeled chair that is tailored for individuals who suffer from feet ache.
  • The wheels make movement efficient and easy to transport to different places.
  • The chair has some rollers which massage the feet.
  • Here are the 5 types of artificial ways in which massage is done to relieve fatigue and pain in the body: Tapping, Thumping, Kneading, Shiatsu, and Both Tapping and kneading.
  • Health care consultants advise you to take a test of your body first before going for any of the above methods.
  • Note that the chair comes with a whole range of massage types for you to pick your choice.
  • The chair is embedded with a total of 3 automatic massage features.
  • 1st automatic mode deals with full care of the body.
  • 2nd automatic mode will only massage the neck and shoulder.
  • 3rd automatic mode will take care of your back and stretching of the waist.
  • The chair is equipped with manual functions for partial and fixed positions, lower and upper body parts, full-range, the five synchronous techniques of massaging, and lastly, the 5 parts of body massaging.
  • Every type of massage has three flexible speeds.
  • Both the partial and fixed points use the adjustable hand massage in a back and forth manner.
  • The massage ball can adjust to wide, narrow, or medium options while using either the tapping or shiatsu techniques.
  • The chair has some airbags with 2 speeds; whose primary function is to massage the hips and calves.
  • It is loaded with 28 of them to ensure the person enjoys a deep air massage.
  • The chair is also decorated with LED lights sideways on the armrest that makes it look even more beautiful.
  • The chair comes with USB receptiveness at the control panel located at the back. This allows you to charge your low battery phone or tablet while relaxing on this chair.
  • This feature makes the robot touch so unique, and that’s why its sales are high. People love how friendly and comfortable it is.
  • Another characteristic that makes this chair a selling strategy is its ability to display time.
  • An executive music system is installed on both arms of the chair both in 3D digital.
  • The chair is Bluetooth enabled with a 5.0 wireless connection for you to listen to the music anytime in your comfort zone.
  • The chair is fully automatic with some unique and advanced features to make you feel nice. It also has a zero-gravity for different seating positions.
  • The speed adjustment has been upgraded to 5 stages. Since the chair can easily fold and can save you some space in the room.
  • The chair has an amazing deep tissue reach that instantly relieves pain located in the inner muscles.


  • It contains 5 kinds of massage techniques that are inbuilt i.e. knocking, kneading, and shiatsu.
  • The fiber is carbon powered to produce heat that helps with the LED lights at the side of the armchair
  • It contains 3D massage technology which includes the digital music player and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • This premium chair is all you need to improve the circulation of blood in your feet and legs.

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Osim U Love 2 Massage Chair:

best full body massage chairs in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • After a very long time, a universal taste of the chair is ready.
  • Osim U love 2 massage chairs is now sparkling in the market, due to its new satisfying features.
  • For a product to win the eye of every buyer there must be unique features that are installed and create a difference with the other conventional ones.
  • If you prioritize camouflage in your house, then this is your product. The level of matching it comes with the curtains is just awesome.
  • This fantastic chair is fixed with the remote, which enables switching of the position during the massage.
  • The heating effect is enhanced, and its comfortability is worth appreciating.
  • The heating function explains the higher skills of the manufacturers.
  • This heating function is fixed in the waist area to soothe and warm the body aches. It also takes good care of the pain specifically around the waist area.
  • As you sit, it reclines, and this enables the stretching of the waist muscles. This indicates that the health and fitness of the users are the main concern.
  • The massage chair is fitted with four vibrating motors that ensure proper massage of the user. The engines are fixed in specific zones where the majority of people always have great cramps due to muscle weaknesses.
  • The four zones include both the upper and lower back and thighs.
  • The vibrating motors can be used selectively, and one can decide to use one or all of them at the same time.
  • This is the first stylish chair that favors every activity you are involved in.
  • In case you want to study, relax while reading a novel, engage in the exercise, or even while sleep, the technological installation of the switchable positions and level accommodates all this.
  • There are five programmed modes and two intensity levels to choose from as per your preference. Everyone is considered, both the bulky people and the skinny people.
  • The necessity of the table is now showcased in this chair. This is enhanced by fixing the drink holders. Space borders the two drink holders for remote and the phone.
  • The remote enables the adjustments as per personal convenience.
  • The adjustment can as well be made manually by just pushing back yourself on the chair.
  • Finally, this proves to be the only swivel, massager, and recliner on existence. If you’re looking for something fashionable and great addition to your furniture items then Homcom recliner is your taste.
  • The durability is not questionable, and comfortability is its nature.


  • The chair is fitted with a vibrator, heat, and massager that help in eradicating the body stress.
  • There are several options when using the massager, one can choose as per the preference.
  • The size favors both bulky persons and skinny individuals.
  • The spongy nature guarantees high-level comfort.
  • A warranty of one year is given to every buyer, and this enables the free maintenance within this period of one year.
  • The company offers After-sale services, and this may include; transportation, installation, and free training.


  • The heavyweight limits its portability; this implies that it can only be carried easily using some gargets.
  • The back may not favor tall individuals.

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Robocura Cozier Plus Full Body Massage Chair/Sofa:

best zero gravity full body massage chairs in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • The pioneers in health and fitness are called Robocura wellness and have proved it again through their new model robocura cozier plus massage chair, which they made available in April 2018.
  • There is a wide range of high-quality products from JSB Company; the products range from; massage chairs, sports and fitness types of equipment, wellness products, and patient care products.
  • JSB gives a national warranty of one year to every client. The health and comfortability of their clients are still their priority.
  • The Robocura wellness company creates a partnership with the clients to ensure that both sides benefit; the co-existence is guaranteed in this case.
  • Robocura is a full body massage chair for homes. It relieves you from muscle pain and body aches in the serenity of your house.
  • The lightweight of sixty kilograms has made the chair portable as it can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • The chair requires a small space. This makes it favorable according to the size of your room.
  • The Robocura Cozier plus massage chair is fitted with rollers that give relaxation from stiffness all over the body.
  • The airbags and the roller massage enable the chair to guarantee the user proper blood circulation throughout the body.
  • The problem of blood circulation that has led to the failure of body organs that is fatal; this fantastic chair quickly solves this problem.
  • The foot rollers in the chair help in eliminating the stiffness in the foot, thus reduce the pain caused by the cramping of the muscles.
  • The body sensor gives actual massaging experiences to various body parts.
  • The most problematic parts of the body, like the back, neck, and shoulder, mostly among the age, is no more a problem.
  • The company sorts this out through fitting the chair with eight rollers to take care of the thighs, arms, shoulders, and calves while the foot is equipped with airbags.
  • There is a technological heat generation on the lower back that soothes and stretches the muscles to relieve the pain.
  • Several options are availed that enables the user to switch the position of the chair to favor the activity the user is doing.
  • The zero gravity massage chair has the technology of which the foot expands, and the chair can recline like a bed. This grants the user the best position for watching TV and reading the novel.
  • Finally, with all the useful features of the Cozier plus zero gravity recliner chairs, I believe that everyone can take a step to have one for personal benefits.
  • The JSB still believes and they strive hard for your good health.


  • The quality is satisfactory, and the full body massage satisfies the users.
  • An additional comfortability element is enhanced to create a different form of other normal brands.
  • Annual maintenance is free within the one-year warranty, and this benefit reduces expenditure to the user.
  • The product is from an international company, and this puts the customer’s doubt to zero.


  • The initial price and the maintenance cost may be relatively high, and this may not be easily affordable by many clients.
  • The leg elevators are likely to fail as a result of frequent usage, and this may limit the massage process.

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4 Beauty Massage Electric Chair:

best full body massage chairs in india

The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • This massage chair is specifically designed to provide full-body massage.
  • It has four flexible hands which are wheel-driven to take care of the hands and tired joints. It also has rollers that take care of the feet. The machine reaches zero gravity massage position when properly positioned.
  • It has a large number of airbags to improve one’s massaging experience. They include 4 bags in the upper arm, 16 airbags in the legs containing three intensity modes, and 8 airbags in the whole arm set.
  • The massage chair correctly positions the shoulder pads depending on the user’s height.
  • It comes with 5 different massaging styles, which include: kneading, shiatsu, knocking, flapping, and kneading and flapping.
  • Kneading and flapping provide a timely message on the pressure points found on the neck which gives the user a calm feeling throughout their body.
  • The electric chair also comes with pre-installed massage styles such as pain relief, comfort, and upper and lower body modes.
  • The Robotouch massage chair does not make any noise while in action.
  • It has a one-year warranty and comes with free-installation and demo when purchased.


  • The massage chair has a hand massage feature.
  • It has numerous airbags that make the massage experience comfy.
  • The chair can achieve the zero-gravity seating position if properly inclined.
  • It has 5 levels of intensity.
  • The massage chair has the feature of back muscle warming. 


  • The machine has no manual settings.
  • It is not recommended for people with serious pains.


This massage chair is not suitable for people who suffer from pains in the feet and the back. It is among the finest massage chairs in the market because it comes with a hand massager, a large number of airbags, different intensity levels, and back muscle warming.

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OsimuJolly pain relief and relaxation massage chair:

est massage chair for neck and back pain


The Best Massage Chairs in India 2022-Complete Buying Guide

Description and Features:

  • The V-grip technology used during manufacturing makes this one of the best massage chairs in India.
  • This is a very powerful massage chair, which comes with fully fitted 3D back and shoulder massage features.
  • The design of this massage chair is perfect, blending in into any interior design. The massage chair is available in the color red.
  • This color easily blends with other colors and you can place this massage chair in your living room and enjoy massage sections when watching television.
  • Spending time at the spa is a great experience, however, it would be more efficient for you to get your massage needs at the comfort of your home, and this massage chair just has a way of making you very comfortable, thanks to its recliner.
  • The recliner is designed with leather which gives it a rather expensive finish. This massage chair is suitable for all your massage needs and it is also space conservative.


  • V-grip technology ensures efficient pain relief and relaxation.
  • Shoulder grip and lumber press is a perfect technology to relieve muscle pain in the neck area.
  • Full back worm air.
  • Customization is possible.
  • Features of this massage chair are fully automated, with a manual comes in packaging.
  • Leg rest and other relaxation feature all work together to offer full body massage.
  • The chair has back worming which is enhanced by quality leather with a decent design
  • More emphasis during the production of this massage chair ensures that the neck areas, shoulder area, and back area receive more attention by being fitted with more airbags and rotating discs.
  • Instant warming effect to neck & shoulder areas via carbon fiber powered infrared heating.
  • Comes in a wide range enabling you to make a choice, based on your taste and preferences.
  • The massage chair has a deep tissue reach, relieving you of any pain and relaxing the deep muscle pain.
  • You are able to enjoy your music via Bluetooth connective speakers while keep enjoying your massage.
  • Plain nirvana, instant relaxation, and pain-relieving.


  • Leather is subject to wear and tear.
  • Chronic pain might not be well handled by this chair.

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Types of massagers offered by the best massage chairs in India:

  • Head Massager:

If you are having problems associated with the head like migraines and headaches, then you need to select a massage chair that has a head massager.

Most of the massage chairs offer massage from the neck going downwards. However, with customization features, you can get a massage chair that has a head massager to cover your head massage therapy.

  • Foot Massager:

If you have busy schedules and spend most time traveling or standing in various places. This means that you will most certainly experience pain from the tissues in the leg area.

For maximum pain-relieving, consider a massage chair that has proper foot massager. Most massage chairs will have foot massage features intact while some like the bottoming will have separate foot massage features.

Those with ready massage features use airbags and rotating discs to offer foot massage. Other massage chairs provide heating features which are just amazing for any person with feet and leg related problems.

  • Neck Massager:

Many massage chairs, among the best massage chairs in India, provide the neck massage options. As a matter of fact, most chairs offer massage starting from the neck going downwards.

However, before buying any chair, ensure that you fully understand the functionality, as well as the type of massage offered. Neck massage is vital; it relieves neck pains, enhances the circulation of blood, and provide relaxation to neck muscles.

  • Hip Massager:

All massage chairs indeed come with air bugs fitted around the hip areas. However, there are other massage chairs with enhanced features just for the hip area.

This specific feature is all made to enhance the hip massage experience. Your hips will well be aligned to the spine as well as pain-relieving when you decide to focus on massage hip therapy.

  • Arm Massager:

Most massage chairs will apply pressure to your arm through compression to relax your arms. While others use airbags to keep the arm muscles relaxed. Once you put your arms on rest mode, the chair will automatically provide the needed massage on your arms.

Types of Massage Chairs:

We have various types of massage chairs. Here is a list explaining each one of them, read it carefully before making a purchase.

  1. Zero gravity Best Massage Chair in India:

This type of massage chair is the most expensive and the most decorated models of massage chairs. Zero gravity simply means that your body will be inclined in a perfect position, and therefore, it does not have to sustain its own weight. This results in zero gravity for the body, allowing the body to relax and therefore, improving the whole massages prices.

Very few massage chairs will provide various zero gravity positions. The head and the legs will be reclined into a similar position, and the heart will not have to push so much blood, making the body relax effectively.

The weight of the body is well distributed across the chair; you will feel all the movements of the airbags hence you will enjoy a perfect massage experience.

  1. Recline best massage chairs in India:

These massages chairs are the lower versions of the zero gravity massage chairs. The difference between the zero gravity massage chairs and reclining is the fact that, while zero gravity massage chairs provide full-body relaxation by supplementing the body weight, the reclining version of the massage chairs is that, the weight of the whole body is not completely supported.

This is because; the legs will not be lifted in the same way as your heart. Therefore, you will not experience the same feeling as you would do on the zero gravity massage chair.

Despite the difference between the zero gravity massage chairs and reclining massage chair, the experience on the reclining massage chair is still impressive.

  • Full body best massage chairs in India:

As the name goes, these massage chairs provide massage to the whole body, from the head to the toes. As expected, the price of this massage chairs is very expensive, since the technology used during manufacturing ensures that you get a true massage experience but ensure to get the massage services provided by a true massager professional.

  1. Ottoman:

It is for those of you with love traditional things. You might want to get a massage chair that looks something like a traditional chairman ottoman is just a modern version of traditional chairs. It comes with its own chair and a stool for leg relaxation. The experience is amazing and the good aspect of it is that it saves a lot of space as it is not so bulky.

  1. Seat pad:

This is more of a DIY massage chair. Normally, you buy a seat pad and place it over a normal chair. This massage chair is space-efficient and saves on costs too. However, you will not get the best experience as compared to other well-developed massage chairs. Seat pads can as well be used on your bed, especially where you sit.

Physical Features of the Best Massage Chair in India:

We have endless features that must be considered for a massage chair. The more features a massage chair will have it will cost more but you should only focus on those features that are aligned with your needs and requirements.

Some features are universal and primary and any standard massage chair should have those features. These features include vibrating airbags, and it varies in number depending on the kind of massage chair. A zero gravitation foot roller is used to cover the foot massage needs.

A body scanner for the more complex massage chairs, adjustable height feature, data recording, analytics features, and last but not the least memory storage column.

Always find a massage chair with preset and out massage options which includes the upper back, lower back, shoulders, legs, and other optimized features.

The adjustment level and size of a massage chair:

It is important to pay attention to the size and adjustment level of massage chairs because people vary in height and everybody needs different adjustment levels to get a proper massage. Most of the massage chairs are designed with a standard height of 510 and above this height; you need to adjust the level of the massage chair.

Some advanced massage chairs come with a body scanner, which will measure your height and automatically adjust itself to fit according to your needs. However, it is expensive and it’s the main reason why spas are very expensive.

What to look at the best Massage chairs?

Should the chair be big or small?

As mentioned earlier, massage chairs are heavy and very huge, and that they will consume a lot of space. Before buying any massage chair, consider its size by reading through the manual and obtaining more information from the product descriptions.

Many massage chairs in this list of the best massage chairs in India have other reclining features; this means that you need more free space, to effectively use these features. Normally, massage chairs need about 18-24 inches’ clearance space between the back of the massage chair and the wall, for proper adjustment.

Recently, however, many manufactures are using technology that enables space utilization. Many of the technologically advanced chairs have a 4 in back relation, which makes them suitable for people living in small space mentions or operating from small workspaces.

The weight of the massage chair; heavy or lightweight?

Normally, most of the best massage chairs in India are very heavy, meaning that, during transportation, you might need additional help.

However, there are other massage chairs that are built from light material and metal, as well as fixed with adjustable wheels, making them very mobile and easy to transport. The minimal weight for most massage chairs is 20kg, while others are very huge and heavy with a mass of almost over 140 kg.

Compatibility of the chair:

Massage chairs vary in size and frameset. They come from different brands with different sizes, compatibility, and frames. Buying a massage chair of the inappropriate size will result in inconvenience, in terms of space and effectiveness of the massage.

Most massage chairs are designed to suit both the tall and short users; most of them come with adjustable features.

It is however good to cross-check both the weight of the massage chair and the size before proceeding to make a purchase. Some massage chairs are not suitable for short people, while others might prove inconvenient to the tall heighted people.

The roller trackers of the best massage chairs in India:

Roller trackers have a duty for performing the massage. They have round balls, which move inside the track in all directions; back, forward, vertical, and horizontal. This replicates the touch of the human hand. Roller tracks are classified into two types, based on their sizes.

  • S-track comes with the S-track teller system, which simply means that the roller will move in an S-shape along your back while covering your spine according to your curvature. For these reasons, the track becomes very effective especially to people who are battling back pains. The rollers are designed to cover the neck stretching down to the tail bone, delivering a remarkable massage to an individual.
  • L-track is advancement to the S-track. The difference between the S-track and the L-track is the fact that the L-track offers massage only centered on the back of your body, from the neck to the tail bone while the L-track advances more.It covers the areas of your thighs and legs. If you have a lot of pain, which advances to the thighs and legs, then the L-track is the right option to go with. On the other hand, if your pain is centered only on your back, then you should try S-track as it is more specialized in handling back pains.

The memory:

This is the part of a massage chair that remembers all your favorite massage styles. This eliminates the need of going through the setting each time when you wish to have a massage. This feature is so helpful and a selling point of most massage chairs.

Information such as massage length is adapted by the massage chair. Always, people have various body sizes and massage needs; therefore, massage duration varies from one person to the next.

The Style of the Massage:

Before buying any massage chair, you need to know the type of massage the chair offers. Each area of the body has a distinct massage type. Depending on the area of the body that needs relief, and then the massage chair will definitely be different from the others.

Purchasing a wrong massage chair means that, you will not get the massage type that you need and you will have wasted money on the chair too. Other massage chairs come with more than one massage functionality, and I would recommend a multi-purpose massage chair.

Massage power of the best massage Chair:

Different massage chairs have different massage intensity levels customized specifically to meet the needs of the different users. Buyers can examine the number of motors that a massage chair has to determine its highest intensity.

The greater the number of motors, the greater the intensity of massage it offers and vice-versa. Purchasing a chair with a higher intensity is recommended because you can easily reduce it to meet your needs.

The machine’s configuration:

Buyers should consider purchasing a machine that is easy to use, easy to maintain, and needs low maintenance.

The Reviews from Users of the Best Massage Chairs in India:

It is easy to know what you are purchasing by simply going through the reviews left by customers. You will get to know about the durability, quality, and price.

Some products, especially those on Amazon allow users to rate the experience of the massage chair. A good massage chair will have a good five-star review. Be sure to read the right reviews as some reviews are gushing and tell completely opposite of the product.

How to Effectively control the Best Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs as you know have the intensity of stretching, knocking, and kneading spots that have tightened muscles. They help in relaxing the skeletal muscle so that you let go of stress, fatigue, and pain.

Getting rid of this stress effectively aligns your spinal cord. Unaligned spinal cords are the major cause of your constant back pains. Ensure you are stress-free always and make use of that massage chair for good and healthy moments.

The majority of the massage chairs are already equipped with several therapies. All you have to do is sit on the chair and choose whatever message therapy is aligned with your needs.

Usually, the remote control is used to make the selections. Many of these chairs are directly connected to the remote control. So you do not need to control and use the chair remotely.

There is a microprocessor in the chair that stores all the massage patterns’ information. Commands are transmitted to the diverse massage chair parts every time the user chooses a therapy.

Users can hardly change the massage patterns, yet other chairs allow users to make some adjustments on them. The microprocessor in return initiates commands to the right apparatus that adjusts its speed to your preference.

Some of these chairs have advanced technologies. When you go shopping for high selling massage chairs, you’ll notice that many of them are equipped with body scanners.

This scanning technology uses a series of sensors to detect all the body parts that will be inclined to the chair. The sensors then send this data to the microprocessor. Calculations are then made and transmitted to the massage chair.

It is more likely for more than one user to use the exact massage apparatus. It is therefore vital that adjustments be made to the chair to suit everyone.

For instance, a 1.7-meter tall individual will be in contact with the chair’s backrest a lot more than a shorter person. On the other hand, a neck massage for the tall would feel quite weird to a 4 feet person. That’s how important body scanners are in the chair. They use the measurements they collect to adjust to the exact body type of the user.

A few therapy chairs have included voice response automation. The software can decode and respond to what the user is saying. The commands are normally listed in a tiny subset of the chair’s abilities. For example, the user may command the chair to play them a song via Bluetooth from their playlist as they need more relaxation.

Believe it or not, there are massage chairs that operate like the lie detectors used by interrogators. They easily monitor how the person answers questions and use the machine to know if they are truthful or not. For example, the Sanyo Zero Gravity has sensors that easily detect and monitor skin reactions. These sensors monitor the perspiration and pulse rate of the massage chair user.

Whenever the metrics shoot up, the chair automatically interprets the data. This interpretation means that the part being massaged is either too tense or stiff and needs to be easy a bit. According to Sanyo chair developers, the microprocessor modifies the current massage pattern to concentrate more on the tense spot.

Here is a question we need to ask regarding massage chairs. Will the massage chair be considered as a common item in our household instead of the luxury market? Several massage chair manufacturers hope that they would increase in sales across the world. Unfortunately, the cost of the chairs is limiting the high market whole worldly.

My verdict on Massage therapy; offered by the Best Massage Chairs in India:

This attitude to the theory of massage can be somehow understandable when it comes to massage, but even the massage therapist plans to do the massage professionally. Then s/he should understand that in addition to working with his/her hands, you’ll also have to work with his/her head.

And for professionals, probably it is better to know 10 or 15 massage techniques, but the most important is to correctly apply them then to know hundreds of moves. This is also taught at the courses.

To make it clear here, if your analogies imagine that car mechanics will not tell you the device, of course, and that they will immediately be taught only to work with the screwdriver, wrench, and other tools.

Those specialists will be great to unscrew and tighten the screws, but they will not understand why they’re doing it. Another example, if someone is trying to get a driving license and on the very first day of training, without knowing the basic rules, s/he starts driving around the city to study right away from conditions.

Some of you may disagree and say that massage is not the same thing as being a mechanic or is driving a car because massage is much easier and more harmless. But I don’t think so because there are many examples where massage therapists who believed that massage is something quite simple and harmless to compliance with problems that even experienced doctors did not take on.

For example, one of the massage therapists that I knew was very fond of putting in place supposedly displaced discs. But at the same time, he was not very familiar with the anatomy of the spine of a healthy person.

Another friend of mine who had worked as a massage therapist for a couple of years was very interested in the topic, how to raise lowered internal organs. And he also had big problems with anatomy. In particular, he is confused about which organs in the human’s body apart, the kidneys, or the blade. Sometimes reading on social media, you can also find some interesting myths about massage.

So, for example, after just one massage therapy became like two kilograms and the person is absolutely sure that s/he lost fat. The other one had pain in the joints because there were some soles and the massage therapist broke it. I mean, broke the soles of the joints.

A third person had something drastically increased or disappeared and so on. What do such myths come from? The reason for such myths is often ignorance of the theory of massage and massage therapists to explain the effect of massage to their clients the way that they imagine it.

And even though the results of the massage are often positive, some massage therapists cannot explain what actually happens to the body that achieved this result. In other words, topics of the theory of massage are as important as the practical side, and we can’t ignore its importance.

How we’re going to structure our classes, I will not post detailed videos about the structure of the human’s body as the Internet has a lot of good videos on these topics and at our lessons will be mentioned only the most common and important aspects of anatomy, which must be taken into account by massage therapists.

And if you are not particular friends with anatomy and do begin to speak a different language, then try to find materials from other channels and view them before beginning the lesson of massage.

So let’s get started. We can study the human structure in several ways. The first is the way that we all learned at school and some lucky people continue to study in college or university.

And if we describe it very briefly, it will look something like this. The smallest unit of life is a cell, cells together with intracellular substance, form tissues and organs.

The organs are organized according to the functional principles of organ systems, and then all of the systems together form a single whole organism. So in less than a minute, we have gone through the entire course of human anatomy, which usually takes two years to study it and it goes on.

As you probably understood, this is not the easiest and most popular way, and every award that was mentioned can be devoted to separate science or even a few.

For example, the process of securing the cell studied by Scientologists, geneticists by chemists, and science of many other specialties, and if you seriously want to study the structure of the human body in this way, and then be ready to memorize a pile of information.

Therefore, I propose a slightly different way of studying that does not go so deep into theory but closer to practice, and it consists of the following here on the screen, you see a normal naked man, perhaps even healthy, which can be quite rare nowadays.

The difference between this picture and the real client is that some parts of the glands, but they are usually colored. And now, for better understanding, let’s try to join the anatomy with the school and perform the action of subtraction. If you take away the skin from these original clients, we will see the full picture. Please don’t be scared.

So get your body covered with muscles, muscles, and so on. Our range in layers and what is presented in this picture, other superficial muscles under them, less the next layer followed by another and so on up to the bone on some parts of the body. There will be more muscle layered on each other.

But often for the convenience of massage therapists, all muscles are divided into two superficial and deep. Although if you go into detail in some places, you will see more than two layers if you continue to undress, I will ensure and remove all muscle layers.

We will have the skeleton and the connections between the bones, the joints. And this is the deepest level that you can work on accepting the work with the internal organs.

As a result, skin muscles and joints, usually the main targets for massage therapists and the bulk of the walk of the classical massage happens with this, someone may object. But what about the impact of the blood vessels, lymphatic nerves, and some other systems?

There is also some influence on them. The answer is yes. They respond to massage, but indirectly, a massage therapist acts on nerve receptors and blood vessels that are located in the skin muscles and sporadic Leticia’s skin muscles and joints.

The organs that massage therapists can touch can rub or stretch during the massage. The receptors and the bulk of the vessels are much smaller in size and massage automatically to do the massage. Whether the massage therapist, Schwarz’s, or not.

For example, it is impossible to make a muscle massage without affecting its vessels or receptors. On the other hand, it is also possible to affect the receptors and blood vessels without touching the skin. Besides, change in response to massage acute in the internal organs and in tissues which in the hands of the massage therapist does not directly touch.

And to properly include the structures regardless of their size and distance, we need a good knowledge of the structure and physiology of our body.

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