Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?

Best Juicers in India 2020 and Juicer Buying Guide

People are now more attentive to their wellbeing. Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and intake a healthy diet to stay healthy. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Fruits and vegetables have a high amount of essential minerals, enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins that are vital for our health.  Fruit helps our body to boost immunity, staying fit, looks younger, and brings a vibrant glow to the face.

But unfortunately, sometimes the busy schedule doesn’t allow us to enjoy a healthy diet. Some people go towards packaged food which is not good for health. Instead of packaged food and juices if we prepare fresh juice from fresh fruits at home that is more beneficial for health.

Juicing is a fantastic way to conserve money and integrate fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet. Juices help us to stay fit and healthy. However frequently you may require a juicer, it is indisputably among the greatest tools you could have around the house to enhance your entire diet and nutrition.

The main purpose of a juicer will be to separate the juice in vegetables and fruits from the peel and pulp. The best juicer is mostly a cold press slow juicer which extracts most of the juice from fruit and provides wholesome juice without any pulp.

There’s a juicier buying guide for you that we’ve prepared after extensive research and it will cover all your juicier buying needs. After going through the juicier buying guide you’ll be able to select the best juicer. At the end of the article, you’ll be answered some questions that will be surely helpful for you.

With the wide variety of juicers in the market these days – centrifugal, slow juicer, twin-equipment, and so forth, it can be challenging to determine which is right for you.

Before buying your juicer, while it is your first one or you’re looking for an upgrade. This article is a complete solution for your juicer buying needs.

What is Juicing?

Juicing is the separation as well as the fiber from the produce. Juicing is a brilliant method to extract essential nutrients and provide the body with a blend of different fruits.

The juicing procedure breaks down the produce which releases the liquids into the fibers and one receptacle’s cells are discarded into a separate container. Removing the fiber permits us to get at more of these essential nutrients contained in fruits.

Type of Juices:

If you are prepared to begin your quest to get a juicer, the very first thing to understand is that there are various kinds of juicers based on what it is you want to juice. If you are searching for a juicer you might be certain to be bombarded with heaps of confounding information.

Vegetable Juices:

Fresh vegetable juices are restorers and builders. Builders and restorers boost the immune apparatus, remove acid wastes, and balance the metabolism. Besides, they assist in the constraint of obesity by removing excess body fat.

Because carrots would be the sweetest of the vegetables, their juice is not only delectable alone, but is perfect for blending with other vegetables to increase their allure.

To the reverse side, strong-flavoured vegetables – celery onions, broccoli, parsley, rutabaga, and turnips, for instance – should be utilized in small numbers just. Garlic can also be an excellent add-on to vegetable drinks in little numbers.  In this way, your body will have essential nutrients and vitamins that are healthy.

Fruit Juices:

Fruit juices help to cleanse the body from the inside and nourish the skin with the important nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. Fruit juices are a healthy and tasty choice for the body to stay healthy for a long time.

One favourite juice that cleanses the body is watermelon. To prepare this rejuvenating drink you’ll need a piece of watermelon and other essentials to prepare the watermelon drink. You’ll be able to love fruit juices at any time of the day. About 10 to 12 ounces per day is advocated.

Benefits of Juicers:

Juicers have become very popular, and for all the right reasons. A lot of people are gaining lots of benefits from using their juicers.

  • They are useful tiny machines that can help you lose weight and be healthier through the juices and smoothies that they create. These juices are proven to be very healthy and beneficial, and using a juicer makes it efficient to prepare these healthy drinks yourself.
  • The benefit of including juices and smoothies in the diet is that it will minimize your appetite and it tricks your mind that you’re full and don’t need any food else. This way you stay healthy and fit.
  • Juices help you to cut down cravings on sweet drinks, soft drinks, and other unhealthy snacks or chocolates, etc.
  • One other important benefit of juicers is that they help you in your intake of nutrients that are important to your well being. The juices and smoothies that these juicers make are very concentrated; making the vitamins from the vegetables and fruits so rich you won’t get the same amount of nutrition from a commercial drink.
  • Another benefit of using juicers is that they allow you to redo the exact mix of fruits and vegetables. You can prepare juice by blending your favorite fruit and vegetables and if you like the juice you can prepare it over and over again and this way you stay healthy in a natural way.

Types of Juicers:

1-Cold Press Slow Juicers:

Cold press slow juicers are the best juicers in the juicers class because they perform high duty with increased nutrition. They use low PRM speed to juice the fruit or vegetable and retain the natural nutrients and vitamins from the fruits or vegetables.

The juice prepared in cold press slow juicers is more nutritious and these juicers are able to squeeze every drop of juice and extract more juice than any other conventional juicers.

2-Centrifugal (High-Speed) Juicers:

Centrifugal juicers are typically the most inexpensive form of power juicer. Centrifugal Juicers all work in that they will have a net spinning basket that is made to express the juice in the food thing to exactly the same principle. It has a feeding tube in which you put the fruit or vegetable to get the juice.

When you push food down to the tube, the food item comes in touch together with the base of the spinning basket where it is granted up into very fine bits of pulp.

Since the basket is spinning at a reasonably sharp RPM, the tiny grated pieces are thrown against the sides where the juice is extracted by centrifugal force. The pulp didn’t go anywhere in the juicier but it just stays in the pulp container but it depends on the style of the juicer.  

3-Masticating Juicers:

Masticating Juicers are a superb selection for individuals who intend regular use of a juicer capable of juicing an extensive assortment of food types.

Masticating juicers are named for their “chewing “mechanism. Masticating juicers are designed with one auger; they’re incredibly adept at juicing most vegetables, fruits, and wheatgrass. These juicers are designed in a special way to smash the ingredients and extract juice with its full nutrition and break the fiber.

4-Single Auger Juicers:

The production is pushed onto a big, slow turning screw (the anger) which crushes the fruit and vegetables (the juicing screen) which separates the juice from the pulp. Tiny grooves that direct the production over the juicing screen are contained by the auger.

Juicers in this group are the manual Z Star, the budget electric Live Enzyme juicer as well as the motorised L’Equip Visor 509, and the Matstone 6 in 1 juicer. Single auger juicer is always able to have great yield and even juice the wheatgrass. They don’t produce much voice while juicing operation.

5-Single Cutter Juicer:

The Champion juicer, the original and only accurate ‘masticating’ juicer has existed for 50 years. It utilizes a cutter that has miniature teeth running along with it which chews and shreds the produce.

It is a commercial-grade juicer that you’ll see in bars and restaurants around the country and works at just over 1,000 RPM. This is one of the best selling juicers because they are mostly well built and well constructed and lasts longer.

6-Twin Gear (Triturating) Juicers:

Triturating Juicers (also referred to as the twin gear juicers) triturating juicers would be also the most high-priced juicers and the most versatile. They are available from the range of 300 to 600$. They have been the most effective juicers, plus besides, they run in the lowest rpm so the effects and oxidation are extremely low.

Twin gear juicers are best to juice any fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetable, and wheatgrass and even you can use it to make sorbet, baby food, and pate. Nuts can also be crushed to prepare nuts milk or but butter-like cashews and almonds etc.

7-Wheatgrass Juicers:

These juicers use a press system to extract the juice slowly. Its slow speed attribute is more preferable over speed extraction because high speed is responsible to create heat that damages the nutrition in the ingredients.

Wheatgrass juicers commonly turn slowly at about 80-120 RPM.

To summarize, Regardless of which juicer style you select, you ought to know the health benefits still exist. Many people have experienced such benefits as weight reduction, elimination of acid reflux, increased energy and vigor, and elimination of bad breath and body odor to name some.

Now have a look at the list of best juicers in India. These selected juicers are the best in their class because of their dominating features.

1- Kuvings Evo-Series Professional 240 Watt Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer:

kuvings cold press juicer

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?

Description :

This is a cold press slow juicer from Kuvings. Its weight is 11.32 kg while dimensions are 51 x 38 x 26 cm. this cold press slow juicer uses 240 watts of AC motor.

It has a durable and powerful motor of 4.25kg that is 100% copper wound. The juicer has an 82mm wide feeding tube that produces whole juice in minimum time.

This best juicer machine from Kuvings comes with a juice strainer, juicer jar and pulp jar, patented cleaning kit and green cleansing tool, patented ULTEM auger, recipe book, operating manual, and user quick guide.

It comes with 10 years warranty but if you get registered on the official website of Kuvings you get 2 years of additional warranty on gear and machine.


  • Kuvings is the most renowned brand in Cold Press Juicer category with proficiency in innovation and R&D. this cold press juicer from Kuvings provides leather finish juice.
  • It has a powerful 240 watts super quiet motor that is equipped with an enduring brushless AC motor that has the highest torque.
  • This cold press slow juicer crushes the ingredients effortlessly by retaining the most nutrients.
  • The main advantage of a cold press slow juicer is that you get a high amount of nutrients and vitamins from juice. it preserves the original taste by keeping the juice fresh. Cold press juicers work quietly at juts 40-50dB.
  • This elegant design juicer is quite sturdy and it looks attractive in the kitchen.
  • You can easily squeeze juice from a wide range of fruit, vegetables, leafy green vegetables and even you can make a protein shake or nuts milk.
  • This best cold press juicer uses an improved juicing system that is patented JMCS that provides excellent performance at high yield. JMCS technology enables us to get 10% more juice than conventional juicers.
  • You can easily clean the juicer with its special green cleaning tool. The tools are beneficial for cleaning strainer quickly and easily,
  • The juicer has a drip-free smart cap that is also useful for juicing two or more than two items.
  • The 82mm wide feeding tube facilitates not cutting the fruit or other ingredients. It works efficiently with high nutritional output.
  • You can juice pear, peach, dragon fruit, mango, watermelon, pineapple, grapefruit, sweet lime, pomegranate, oranges, grapes, and apple. The vegetables that can be crushes and juice are bitter-guard, amla, bottle-guard, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, and wheatgrass. You can prepare healthy and nutritious nuts milk from soy, cashew, almond, etc.
  • This best cold press slow juicer has a 5th generation bowl that is a silicon-free juicing bowl. This bowl has improved durability and easy to clean without any hassle.
  • It has a simplified and upgraded ULTEM auger that makes juice extraction easy and at fast speed.
  • Kuvings provide quick and professional customer service across India.


This best cold press low juicer from Kuvings has currently 4.4 excellent ratings with numerous satisfied reviews. This cold press juicer is much better than other conventional juicer machines.

It has all the features that you’re looking for. The juicer is stylish, sturdy, and easy to clean. So without further delay give It a try and enjoy healthy living.

2- Kenwood JEM500SS 700-Watt Juicer:

best Kenwood cold press juicer in india

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?


This silver color juicer from Kenwood is a centrifugal juicer. Its weight is 3.75kg while dimensions are 38.2 x 23.6 x 46 CM. The wattage power for this juicer is 700 watts. It is made of plastic and metal. This best juicer machine comes with a juicer, manual guide, and warranty card. The juicer has a 75mm feeding tube. It comes with a 1-year warranty that is provided by Orient Electric.


  • This best centrifugal juicer is quite sturdy and looks eye-catchy by its unique color and stylish design.
  • The metal body of this juicer is excellent for improved performance. It will be long-lasting and remains durable.
  • Its large 75mm feeding tube can fit whole fruit or vegetable without cutting them into small pieces.
  • This best juicer has a high capacity pulp container of 2L that is enough to get maximum juice in one go.
  • Its anti-drip spout helps to prevent dripping and spilling of juice on the table. This helps in hassle-free juice extraction.
  • Its detachable anti-drip spout prevents the juice from dripping and an anti-drip stopper avoids spillage of juice.
  • This Kenwood juicer has an enduring metal spinner that holds the fruit or ingredients firmly and smoothly in place and efficiently squeezes the juice.
  • Its safety lock clamps the parts of the juicier tightly so the jar will not move while juicing. The juicer separates the fruit catch the pulp and then serves you the healthiest juice.
  • This juicer has 2 speed controls setting so you can adjust the power to match the hardness of different ingredients.
  • The juicer machine is quite easy to clean without any hassle.
  • Kenwood is a well-known food preparation brand. This centrifugal 700-watt juicer is the perfect product to make life healthier.


This best juicer machine has a magnificent 5 ratings this time. It values your money. Many satisfied users are recommending having this best juicer machine from Kenwood.

Its outstanding design is eye-catchy. Its enduring material enhances its durability. This reliable and useful juicier machine is worth buying without any delay.

3-Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer:

kuvings cold press juicer online in india

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?


This juicer from Kuvings is a cold press slow juicer. It is made from BPA free plastic. The weight of this juicer is 9.36kg while dimensions are 45.2 x 36.2 x 28 cm. it has a powerful 240 watts AC motor. The motor is quite powerful and strong and it is 100% copper wound.

It has a 76mm wide feeding tube. This juicer comes with the following components; juice top set with SS strainer, a juicer with 240w AC motor, patented ULTEM auger, juicer jar, and pulp jar, patented cleaning kit with a green cleaning tool, quick start guide, and manual.

This best cold press slow juicer comes with 10 years warranty but if you’re registered by the official Kuvings website then you’ll have 2 years of additional warranty on motor and gear.


  • This juicer from Kuvings is a cold press slow juicer that is convenient and makes healthy livings. These juicers are trusted worldwide. Kuvings is a leading brand with improved innovation and excellence in R&D.
  • The fundamental benefit of the cold press juicer is that it preserves the original taste and nutrients of the juicer. It keeps the juice fresh and healthy without any separation. Cold press juicers work quietly at just 40-50dB.
  • Its motor is super quiet, enduring, and powerful and uses 240 watts.
  • Its elegant and sturdy design is pretty attractive and enhances the look of your kitchen.
  • The juicier has a 76mm wide feeding tube that reduces preparation time and extracts juice quickly.
  • You can easily squeeze juice from fruit, vegetable and even make nuts milk.
  • The best cold press slow juicer has an improved juicing system of patented JMCS that provides high performance at a guaranteed high yield.
  • The juicer comes with a special green cleaning tool so you can clean the juicer quickly without any hassle.
  • It has a drip-free smart cap so you can use it for the blending of two or more ingredients.
  • Kuvings juicier gently squeezes the ingredients by retaining essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • This India’s #1 selling cold press juicer has 50PRM, 240 watts motor and works continuously for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The motor of this juicer is a brushless AC motor with the highest torque. It crushes the ingredients effortlessly.
  • The patented JMCS technology of this juicier guarantee maximum yield and squeeze 10% more juice than any other juicer.
  • Its wide feeding tube doesn’t require cutting the ingredients and reduce the time for preparation while provides full nutrition juice.
  • You can easily juice pear, peach, dragon fruit, mango, watermelon, pineapple grapefruit, sweet lime, pomegranate, orange, grape, apple, bitter guard, amla, bottle-guard, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, and carrot. Wheatgrass, leafy green, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, almond, soy, and cashews, etc.
  • This best cold press slow juicer has 5th generation bowl and the bowl is a silicon-free juicing bowl. It has improved durability and provides convenient cleaning.
  • Its upgraded ULTEM auger is quite improved that is perfect for easy and faster juice extraction.
  • The smart cap and pulp outlet of this juicier have a smart drip-free cap that prevents spilling and dripping of juice.
  • Kuvings provides professional customer service across India.


This Amazon’s choice Kuvings cold press slow juicer has a tremendous 4.7 rating currently. You can go for this heavily built juicer blindfold because Amazon’s choice tag is making it worth buying without any hesitation.

This top-quality juicer has a powerful motor and other good features that make it the best in their class. No doubt it values your money.

4- Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer:

philips cold press juicer india

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?


This is a silver and black color juicer from Philips and it’s a centrifugal juicer. Its capacity is 2 liters; weight is 4.22kg while dimensions are 25.9 x 25.9 x 49.8 CM.

The juicer is made from aluminium while the jug is a SAN jug with PS cover. It has integrated cord storage of 1m and the feeding tube is 75mm XL for more convenience. The juicer has a 1-speed setting. The size of the pulp container is 1.2 liters while the juicer jar capacity is 800ml. it has a powerful motor of 700 watts, frequency is between 50-60 Hz while operating voltage is 220-240V. This best juicier machine from Philips in India comes with 2 years warranty with free home service.


  • This juicer machine doesn’t require any installation. It is highly easy to use. The juicier has non-skid feet.
  • The juicer extracts every drop from fruit and vegetables and provides more juice than other juicers.
  • It stops the drops of juice when juicier stops and keeps away from spilling and dripping of juice. It also has safety clamps.
  • The juicier can be cleaned just within 1 minute under tap by its revolutionary ‘QuickClean’ technology. It is pretty easy to use and clean.
  • If the juicier stops working while juicing then check the integrated pulp container that might be filled with its maximum capacity. Switch it off then remove the pulp from the pulp container and then use it again.
  • The pre-clean function of the juicer rinses away all the unwanted fibers. This juicier is the 1st one in the market with the pre-clean function. When you’ll pour water in the pusher it will create a fountain in the appliance and rinse away all unwanted fiber from the lid to make sure that the sieve is easy to clean.
  • QuickClean sieve technology enables us to get cleaned sieve. The smooth and polished surface of the sieve helps to wipe away all the pulp fibers with a kitchen sponge.
  • The see-through pulp container also makes the cleaning quite easy. The lid and container are transparent so you can see fruit and vegetables while juicing and take a look at the container so you can empty it when it’s filled.
  • Its smooth sieve has an upside-down function for maximum juice extraction.
  • The juicier can extract every drop of juice from ingredients and extracts up to 2 liters of juicier within one go.
  • It has a 700w enduring motor that is absolute for crushing, mixing, and blending ingredients effectively.
  • The XL feeding tube of 75mm needs no pre-cutting. It juices the large chunks of fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot, beetroot, etc.
  • The shape of the juicier is around and it has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. They can be cleaned under tap water.
  • The pulp from juice collects in just pulp container for easy disposal. It facilitates you to not remove the pulp from other parts or lid of the juicier.


This juicier is from #1 best seller Philips. Currently, it has the finest 4 point rating with several satisfied reviews. It has a beautiful design, easy to assemble, and easy to clean the juicer.

The best reliable juicer machine worth your money because of its strong built quality. You can juice anything fruit or vegetable you want and serve yourself with the joy of healthy juice every day.

5- Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer:

Panasonic cold press slow juicer for home in india

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?


This is a silver color cold press slow juicer from Panasonic. Its weight is 5.6kg while dimensions are 40.6 x 19.2 x 35.7 CM. its power wattage is 150 watts.

This best cold press juicer in India has 45 PRM speed. It comes with the main unit, juice collector, user manual, and warranty card. This juicer machine comes with 5 years warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on other components of the juicier.


  • This is the best cold press slow juicer in India that is suitable for soft and hard fruit juice.
  • It has low-speed compression and extracts juice by retaining all its nutrients and provides natural and healthy juice.
  • This juicier has a frozen attachment for preparing sorbet and frozen cocktails. It also has a pulp cup and juice cup for more convenience.
  • Its operating rating has 2 consecutive cycles of 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off.
  • This best juicier machine uses powerful compression to crush, squeeze, and extract the juice.
  • The biggest advantage of cold press slow juicer is that it retains natural nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes of the ingredients by its unique mechanism.
  • Its 150 watts power inductor motor produces very low noise while juicing with efficiency at low speed and remains long-lasting.
  • You can squeeze the juice of a variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, nuts, and grains, frozen desserts by this best juicer machine in India.
  • This cold press slow juicer produces less foam and more juice by its slow compression system and resist juice discoloration from oxidation and provide long-lasting flavor.
  • The juicier machine is quite easy to use and clean. Use the warm damp cloth to keep the base pristine and looks new.
  • It has a well-built strainer and screws that are made from premium quality durable plastic that is 8 times stronger than normal plastic and easily withstands heavy-duty juicing.
  • The juicier has a low-speed squeezing auger that crushes the ingredients slowly by preserving healthy enzymes and delays the oxidation process.


This cold press slow juicer in India from Panasonic has 4 points rating. You’ll get less foam and more juice with all-natural nutrients and taste.

Its strong quality allows using it for commercial purposes. The juicier has a powerful motor that lasts longer. Users are claiming that you’ll have now waste and get maximum at a low price. It is pretty easy to assemble and no doubt it values your money.

6- Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder:

Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder

Best Juicer Machine Buying Guide | What Juicer to Buy?


This is a white color centrifugal juicier from Sujata. Its weight is 6.2kg while dimensions are 50 x 27 x 36 CM. it is a 900 watts juicer mixer and grinder.

This juicier has 22000 RPM operation. It comes with a unit motor, grinder jar, juicer attachment, blender jar, and warranty card. This best juicier machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This juicer machine has a transparent lid so you can see the juicing operation and empty the jar when it’s full.
  • It has a 3-speed setting knob with rotary action switch to set the speed of the juicier accordingly.
  • The juicier has 900 watts of the powerful motor with double ball bearings for extra efficiency, trouble-free running for a long time, and requires low maintenance.
  • This juicer machine has a unique honeycomb filter mesh for the finest juice extraction with maximum yield.
  • The 22000 RPM operation retains the natural flavor and taste of the ingredients.
  • It can run for 90 minutes consecutively without stopping. It is highly suitable to use for commercial purposes.
  • The transparent juicer is made from top-notch quality material that is unbreakable and lasts longer.
  • This best cold press slow juicer in India has an all-rounder and efficient mixer, juicier, and grinder with a mixer jar for all your household grinding needs.
  • It has a premium quality stainless steel blade that cuts the ingredients faster and finest.
  • This best juicier machine is shock-proof and safe to use for a longer time. It is the most reliable and effective companion for your kitchen.


This #1 best seller juicer has a magnificent 4.4 rating. The bestseller tag is making the juicier worth buying without having a second thought. You’ll not regret it if you go for this best juicer machine in India.

It got positive feedback with a recommendation sign. This best juicier is ideal to use for commercial purposes because of its 90 minutes continuous run time.

The juicier is shook proof, has a stainless steel blade, and comes with a mixer jar that covers most for your needs. Go for it and enjoy healthy drinks at home.

Here are some important questions that must be answered to clear all ambiguities related to juicing and juicers.

How to Select Right Juicer for Home?

Here are a few questions that will help you figure it out if you have determined you are seriously interested in juicing but need help determining between a centrifugal or masticating juicer:

How much cash do I need to spend?

According to the cost point of view, centrifugal juicers are most affordable than masticating juicers.

What types of fixings do I would like to juice?

A centrifugal juicer will most likely fit the bill if you would like to juice fruits and vegetables. But if you’re planning to juice wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables, herbs, spinach, and kale, etc so your choice must be masticating juicier.

When to clean the juicer?

Juicers should be cleaned after each use to prevent a difficult mess and some take more to clean than many others.

Fewer parts mean fewer sections to clean. Removable, dishwasher-safe components clean up readily.

Round corners on internal cavities can make removing tenacious pulp and juice much more easy. Many juicers have outside pulp containers; occasionally with simple-empty bags. Only cleaning is required for outside containers. 

Additionally, some “self-cleaning” masticating juicers feature built-in scrubbers that clean and keep pulp from clogging the display during the juicing cycle

How long do I need to spend on homework?

A big food chute that can take entire fruits, including apples is featured by many centrifugal juicers. You will lower your food preparation time significantly with any of these machines.

Most masticating juicers, particularly ones oriented will take just smaller ingredients, thus get your cutting board prepared.

Centrifugal juicer vs. masticating juicer:

Many people simply do not enjoy the flavour of this froth that is naturally occurring, while others consider a gassy feeling is caused by the air bubbles in the froth when ingested. Froth or foam is generated more generally from a centrifugal juicer’s high-speed spinning activity.

Some centrifugal versions feature foam or froth separators that can sift the foam from your juice, leaving your juice considerably clearer.

Masticating juicers, since they work with a grinding or pressing movement, generally do not make as much froth.

How long we can store fresh juice?

Fresh juice if stored, ought to be held in an airtight container in the fridge, and ought to be consumed as soon as possible.

Juice from these machines ought to be consumed within eight hours because centrifugal juicers create more heat and resulting oxidation. Correctly-kept juice from a masticating machine may continue up to 72 hours.

What would you like to do?

In case you just want a little lemon juice now and then for a marinade or a recipe, a manual juicer will probably be more than adequate for your requirements. In case you additionally want to fill a glass with fresh-squeezed orange juice but aren’t into juicing veggies, an electric citrus juice will do just great.

A centrifugal juicer the most frequent kind will perform very well in your kitchen if you would like to juice various fruits and vegetables.

Centrifugal juicers are also suited to serious juicers, like those who often do juice cleanses or fasts. But if you are truly serious about that kind of juice, you need to probably look into a masticating juicer. Centrifugal juicers are the gold standard for most serious juicers.

Where are you going to keep the juicer?

Occasionally buyers are surprised by precisely how big a juicer can be, especially masticating juicers which may be actual space hogs and have a flat footprint.

Be certain it matches where you would like to place it. And recall many juicers are significant. Be certain if you are not going to make sure that it remains to the counter, you can lift it out and in of its own storage space.

Juicer sound:

Many juicers are loud enough to wake a man sleeping elsewhere in the home up or affect phone conversations. If either will be an issue, choose a comparatively quiet version (some are no louder than a dishwasher); masticating juicers are usually the quietest, but are quite slow.

How much time are you willing to spend juicing?

Masticating juicers take considerably longer than centrifugal juicers to experience exactly the same number of produce thus if you are constantly in a hurry, go centrifugal. Additionally, outdoor pulp collectors are quicker and easier to empty (and clean) than internal pulp baskets.

Do you enjoy lots of pulp in your citrus juice?

If so, store for the filter that enables you to control how much or a citrus juice using a pulp regulator ends up in the juice (instead of filtering out it entirely).

Value anticipations: Its dollars and cents:

The first price of a juicer is not always the bottom line. When you’ve got to replace that low-end juicer you purchased several weeks ago, it is not a lot of deal so it is generally worth paying more for something with better durability and setting your sights.

The simplicity of use is additionally significant as the simpler your juicer will be to use, the much more likely you’re to get your money’s value.

Here’s another worth thought: The very best high-end juicers can extract 25 percent more juice when compared to a more affordable version from the same quantity of produce. Determined by how much and how often you juice, these economies can easily account for the price that is higher priced.

Eventually, be realistic. Believe again if you believe you will save cash squeezing your juice. It can require several pounds of fresh produce so unless you grow your own fruits and vegetables to create one quart of juice, your homemade juice will most likely cost more than juice from a supermarket. If fresh versus bottled (or frozen) is worth it to you, as it’s for a lot of individuals, subsequently juice away!

More and more people are learning about the health benefits of juicing and creating a raw food lifestyle. In summary, juicing allows you to express liver enzymes and all the critical nutrients from raw fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, berries, and more.

Fiber and the pulp are left behind to ensure that the nutrients could be absorbed by the body as well as the concentrated juice is consumed. You’ll enjoy a greater awareness of the vigor, energy, and health when you incorporate juicing into your lifestyle.

Finding the top juicer available on the market today is an arduous job, as there are so many great models accessible. It’s definitely not accurate the most expensive version is the greatest.

Nor is it accurate that the most affordability is provided by the most economical one. When do not leave it right, and find a great juicer, you’ll have the capacity to make juice at home.

Which Juicer to Buy?

No matter what juicer you decide to buy, make sure that its benefits will suit your lifestyle and the goal you want to achieve in juicing.

After a while and with some juicing experience, you will finally have a feel of what type of juicer you need and the benefits that come with it to have a better idea of the other types of juicers and their benefits.


Despite its presence that is mainstream, there’s some controversy regarding whether or not juicing is essential or even wholesome. There is no doubt that consuming vegetables and fruits can’t be replaced by eating them. You require the fiber from produce too, and you also are striving that out.

But many nutritionists point out that juicing may be an efficient way as you can get the advantages of, say, a whole bunch of kale without needing to eat that much of your nutrient intake to boost it. You use some of the pulp for cooking or can also add it back into the juice for added fiber.

Besides, in the event you certainly will not eat the nutritionists and despise veggies, drinking the juice is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative. Have fresh juice and stay healthy!

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